RPRS has all of the sale methods available for its clients when selling individual assets or portfolios. RPRS will recommend the best and most suitable sale method depending on the asset type, value and individual circumstances. Analysis will be provided for each asset value against each sale method, followed by RPRS recommended sale method. This provides the client with the most comprehensive methods available to ensure costs are mitigated, whilst ensuring best value is achieved in the given circumstances.

Private Treaty
Properties (residential and commercial) can be sold by private treaty to the open market on a national basis. This method of sale takes the longest time and does not have legally binding contracts, however, it can often secure the highest value for the property. RPRS will recommend working either on a sole agency basis or if working with a joint agent will be preferable in order to maximise the value against the costs incurred.

Sealed Bid Auctions
Sealed bid auctions are unique to RPRS and the latest product to be offered to its clients. Often there are cases that emerge that require the security of an auction contract but benefit from a more traditional private treaty approach to marketing. The sealed bid auctions methodology developed by RPRS bridges this gap.

The sealed bid auction date is publicly advertised, a legal pack for the property is produced, and interested parties are invited to submit their best and final bid on the auction date, or before. The client can then choose which offer they would like to accept. Once accepted and the deposit is received, contracts will be ready to be exchanged.

The terms of the auction are completely flexible to suit the requirements of the client and the property. The auction can be held at anytime and at short notice, if required. The completion date is also flexible and 20, 30, 40, 50 or 60 working day completion periods can be applied.

RPRS will recommend the optimal combination of guide price, reserve price, auction date, marketing period, marketing strategy and completion period depending on the asset and each property will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

Traditional / Online Timed Auctions
Auctions conducted by a traditional gavel style auction or through online timed auction. Properties sold through this sale method benefit from legally binding contracts at the fall of the gavel or the end of the timed auction. Reserve prices can be set prior to the auction and the auction will not conclude until the highest bid is achieved through competitive bidding.

Conditional / Modern Method of Auctions
Conditional auctions have a similar bidding mechanism to traditional auctions. If the property has met its reserve price after competitive bidding, a legally binding contract is not effected, however, a non-refundable reservation fee is paid by the buyer, which affords them 28 days to pay the deposit and exchange contracts. Once the deposit has been paid and contracts have been exchanged, a further 28 days will be granted to complete the transaction.

RPRS will advise which auction and which joint auctioneer, if applicable, will be best suited to sell that particular asset as joint agents with RPRS. RPRS has exclusive joint agency agreements with some of the largest property auctioneers in the UK and may recommend this a the preferred sale method to suit a particular property asset, to be assessed on a case by case basis.