Vacant Property Management
RPRS is able to manage all of your vacant property risks. RPRS works with nationwide sub-contractors to provide comprehensive and robust vacant property services nationwide. No matter the size, type or location of the property, RPRS can effectively management your vacant properties.

HAB Services
At the commencement of any appointment with a vacant property, RPRS will ensure the property is secured and compliant with insurance requirements.

The basic package includes draining down the water system, isolating the gas and electric supply to the property, changing the locks, removing perishables from the property and meter readings.

Any additional works will be reviewed in line with your insurance requirements and a recommendation together with quotation will be provided to the client.

Daily, weekly or fortnightly inspections can be organised to comply with unoccupied property insurance requirements.

If combustibles are present at the property, RPRS will organise the clearance to comply with insurance requirements.

Site Security
For larger commercial sites or sites with a higher value, RPRS can arrange for Heras fencing, live in guardians or 24/7 manned security to ensure the vacant property or site is secured.

Evictions can be facilitated by RPRS, if required.